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Clicking any of the main images below will take you to the appropriate page in my Etsy store, do feel free to have a browse around there too, and maybe treat yourself.


Peculiartifacts was founded in Huddersfield in 2017 and is dedicated to providing high quality replica props and weapons at affordable prices.  From axe to zweihander, Peculiartifacts has you covered.


All Peculiartifacts weaponry is combat safe and are built and painted by hand.  Commissions are also taken so please get in touch is you're after something special, otherwise, you'll find the catalogue on the next slide.


Grim Design

Freelance Art, Design and Illustration

Handbuilt cosplay and LARP supplies



Mark was born in Huddersfield in the early Eighties and has lived there ever since.


Mark studied art at school and college.  At that time he wanted to become the next (or the actual) Mark Gibbons. That didn’t happen.  He also briefly studied psychology and English.


Events, good and bad, have shaped him and his style, but they have never defined him.  He’s happily married to his beautiful wife, and they have an even more beautiful daughter.  If you were to ask him directly, he’d tell you that he was born with the Devil’s own luck.


Mark’s influences include Dave McKean, Clive Barker and Les Edwards.  He’s had the pleasure of meeting them all.  He forgot how to talk immediately after starting a conversation with Dave McKean, he was invited to crash with Clive Barker if he ever found himself in LA and Les Edwards gave him the best piece of professional advice he’s ever ignored.


Thematically, Mark’s work and styles vary greatly.  He does what he feels like, when he feels like it.  He hates the idea that art has to be ‘about’ something.  He hates the idea that there should be a message to convey.  For Mark, art exists for its own sake.  He likes exploring the macabre, the sinister, and the downright silly.  He created the occasional comic, TPCA, and is threatening one day to murder sci-fi and horror classics by importing them into the TPCA universe and producing graphic novels of them.  He also enjoys painting landscapes and he’s a sucker for Constable.


He hopes people enjoy his art.  That’s it.  If there is a message to be taken away from his work it’s this: he’d like people to make up their own stories about it.  That’s how legends are born.





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